Not for Profit is a serious band doing joyful work to serve charities both local and national. Like any great organization, we are only as good as the sum of our parts. Here is a short bio on each of our very talented band members!

The Band

Angie Lyons - Lead Vocals - An accomplished singer and regular on the Chicago music Scene. Angie can be seen regularly playing with many great Chicago big bands. Angie has been a lifelong student of voice and it shows! One half of the NFP 1-2 punch of female lead singers. Angie can sing the softest ballad to the heaviest rocker. Angie's favorite charities are - Holy Cross and Loyola Academy.

Beth Bagg - Lead Vocals - Beth is the other half of our dynamic duo of singers. Beth has sang most of life and performs regularly with her church and various other groups. From Aretha Franklin to the Jackson 5, Beth is a powerhouse singer and a musical force within the band to be reckoned with!

John Lyons – Guitar, Vocals - Co-founded the band back in 1997 following a Fourth of July party in Deerfield, Illinois with his wife Angie and two of its former members, Steve Schwartz and Gary Schaffel. John brings an unmistakable energy and enthusiasm to the group. John played in bands all of his life (Syntori, Idle Minds, The Celtniks) John took guitar lessons in 5th grade and improved his skills by learning guitar riffs listening to his favorite group, The Beatles. He fell in love with Angie after she winked at him from the audience at a Syntori gig in 1985 and their mutual love for each other and Music led them to form Not for Profit. John is fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with all of the charities for which NFP has played and the dedicated organizers who truly make a difference.

Jim Fitch - Guitar, Vocals - Co-Founder of Not for Profit plays lead and rhythm guitar along with lead and harmony vocals. Jim is a self-taught musician and has been playing off and on in bands since high school performing at everything from small parties to outdoor festivals. Jim also serves as the band's technical resource. He considers the time he has spent as a member of NfP as one of the most fulfilling experiences of his musical career and looks forward to continuing the journey for years to come. Jim supports all of the charitable groups the band works with but has a special affinity for cancer research and any organization that supports children's causes.

Tim Thompson - Keyboard, Guitar and Lead Vocals - is a founding member of Not for Profit. Tim is the musical director of Not For Profit and is responsible for all of the band's fabulous arrangements! Tim also is the keyboardist (sometimes guitarist) and vocalist for NFP. His musical influences include The Beatles, Van Morrison, Yes, Elvis Costello and Talking Heads. Tim’s favorite charities are The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Honor Flight Chicago, Hands of Peace and, all of the organizations NFP has ever helped.


Dan Katz – Drums – Dan has been playing music since the tender age of eight.  At nine years old Dan began his journey with the drums.  After high school Dan went on to study music at the University of Miami (Coral Gables) under Fred Wickstrom (formerly Chicago Symphony Percussionist). Dan has played hundreds of shows ranging from wedding bands to a Genesis/Phil Collins band.  A lover of bands with horns, Dan is now in his 10th year as “the new guy” in The Not for Profit Band.  Dan’s favorite charities are Lambs Farm and The Livestrong Foundation.

Rich Steiner - Bass - Rich joined Not for Profit back in 2012. Rich started playing piano at age 5, and added guitar at age 12 and bass at age 14. Recently, Rich also became a self-taught and self described "hack" on banjo for the Irish offshoot of NfP "The Celtniks". Over the years, Rich has played many diverse styles with many musicians, and prides himself on his musical ear and the ability to blend well with anyone and everyone. Rich's charitable interests tend to focus on promoting social justice and reducing poverty. His favorite charitable organizations include The Ark, Share Your Soles and Wings.

"The Greedy Blasters" or the NFP Horns!

Robb Calabro - Tenor Sax - Robb is a gifted Saxophone player and can be seen around Chicago as a sideman for many acts. Rob is the leader of our horn section lovingly named "The Greedy Blasters" or "The Blasters" for short. Keep an eye out for Robb during one of our shows. Rob during a show can bee seen playing and dancing with the crowd and on occasion playing a solo on top of a ladder!.... yes, really!

Mark Zar - Trumpet - has been a member of Not for Profit since 2013. Mark has been the leader and lead trumpet of the 17 piece Highland Park Pops Big Band since 1975 and Not for Profit is his first experience playing in a rock band. Mark has an electrical engineering degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where he played in the Concert Band and the Marching Illini. His classical music training provides a sound foundation and he is rockin' it big time as the newest addition to "The Greedy Blasters". Mark also plays in the Jazz Wave Big Band and the Tuesday Night Big Band. Mark supports cancer research and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Musical Friends of Not for Profit